Shawl – Cream & Dark Blue Tie Dye

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Shawl – Cream & Dark Blue Tie Dye


This Shawl is amazing….beautifully made out of the finest hemp cotton and after tye died with the finest paints…I love her around my neck on cold nights or around my whole body on the beach after a nice dip in the ocean ….Also like to use her as my beach blanket ….I take her everywhere since she is so multifunctional in many occasions … hope u too will enjoy this beautiful Shawl

this beautiful Shawl is made out of the finest hemp cotton after tye died with the best dyes

Laundry & Storage

Enjoy this dress as long as possible!
  • Remove the laces from the back or simply use a mesh laundry bag
  • Machine wash on 30 degrees
  • Gentle spin mode
  • Please do not let the dress dry on its elastics or in the bright sunshine

Extra instructions for organic fabrics

  • Hand or machine cold wash
  • Use a natural detergent
  • Please do not use vinegar on this natural dye.

Please do NOT hang the dress on its elastics while drying or storage.

How to put on this dress?


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