Eye of awareness

About Us



I think i was about 19 years old when i started traveling the world. I always loved life and people and seeing and experiencing it out of the box ,out of wat is supposed to be normal and with traveling i always felt free as a bird. So to support my lifestyle i found my way to create and to meet people all over the world trying always to speak a bit of the local language so you are not only tourist but create life long friendships all over the planet..and in the beginning i used to borrow money from my father and buy some clothing and sell them wherefer i would travel .


Joined Forces

Than sell some dresses and pay my father back.When i was on a little festival in ruigoord Amsterdam i met my love and he joined forces with me ,doubled my power and energy and we now have a son together and a beautiful shop and behind the shop u see on the festivals there are so many faces That help create these beautiful dresses..I am amazed by how such a small seed of life grew into this massive tree of love with branches reaching all over the planet! Bless you you know Who u are! You sewing the dresses ,you organizing my collection,you helping me unpack boxes and boxes,standing next to me in my shop ,creating websites


New treasures

Every year i visit India and go for fabric Hunt for a few days and than take all these New treasures to my atelier in the desert of India and thats where i create my New designs and start up the management for the New production.I work with the best stichers of the tailorshop and they are always happy to see us since we pay extra for the good work we ask. I want every dress doublestitched and with pockets and and and ....basically i want a lot and for this i am happy to pay and i am happy u ,our customers ,are understanding the quality and therefore the price you pay thank you...! So also this can be a happy cicle and all involved receive wath they deserve with love....bless you

Eye of Awareness extended family

Nowadays there is a team behind me creating and making these dresses coming your way


Joke my sweet beautiful artist friend. She does make my creations to the next level. Tye dye like she does u hardly see anywhere and the sweet thing about joke is she is always unsure of the magic she does until I unpack the new dresses and call her up with tears in my eyes and tell how amazing her work is . Together we love to create pieces of art and I love her dearly as a friend ❤️

Eye of Awareness travels for happy costumers

For collecting my fabrics i basically travel all over India

People and places

Through traveling i meet great people and enjoy to deal with them buying their fabrics and sharing my ideas to see than after my little Dreams coming allive in a beautiful new collection every year And because we meet for almost 20 years now it feels so familiar, like family

Festivals and happy costumers

I love the whole cycle of my job .buying fabrics, maling New collection and than the strawberry on top! When i get to dress and pamper you ladies and see you twirl in action that brengservice tears to my eyes that my little seeds of creation flower,to such Joy and Fullfilment and than when i receive your Joy in gratitude and hugs and smiley faces that brengservice me Joy. And the fact that these days this label can support quote amfew lives and my family in all direction also makes me happy. Bless you

Fabrics and designs

For collecting my fabrics i basically travel all over India to collect the best fabrics i can .My preference are natural fabrics and handblockprinted natural cottons or embroidery cottons which is an expensive taste but makes me feel good .There are to many fabrics really bad for mother earth nowadays everything must be cheap and fake .Designing i basically do all year in my head .Never went to school for this .I Just work with a really good Taylor team Who understands my vision
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